T200X – 2.1 TV Speaker (Supports Bluetooth 4.0)


  • Features

    2 full range driver and 8” subwoofer driver

    Sleek soundbar fits discreetly under your flat  panel TV

    Two slim satellites can work separately or  combine together to a soundbar  Innovative automatic multi-color LED on  subwoofer

    Crystal clear sound and heart thumping  bass

    Bluetooth 4.0 version

    Bluetooth operation range works at up to  15 meters

    Plug & play USB card reader

    USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual  formats decoding

    Uninterrupted digital FM works on PLL  technology

    FM storage for up to 100 stations

    Bright white LED display with a clear view  angle

    Wireless Play your desired song & FM station  directly with numeric keys on the remote

  • Specifications

    Power output: 17.5Wx2+35W (RMS)

    Satellite driver: 2?full range  Subwoofer driver: 8?bass

    Subwoofer Frequency response: 30Hz~ 104Hz  Satellite Frequency response: 135Hz~20kHz  Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 70dB

    Separation: ≥ 40dB

    Subwoofer Dimension: W240 x D350 x H355 mm  Satellite Dimension: W120 x D110 x H415 mm  (Separately), W800 x D55 x

    D70mm (Combine)

    Weight: 3.4Kg (net)